We have one misión to accomplish: provide the very best solutions for satisfaying the local and international market need in design engineering, manufacturing and repair of capital goods, and industrial boilermaking; guaranteeing delivery times and complying with the highest quality standards.


At Moreypi, we are working hard for becoming in the reference company in design engineering, manufacturing and repair of capital goods, industrial boilermaking; with the best standards of quality and commitment.


Discipline, Commitment, Teamwork, Loyalty, Responsibility, Ethics, Harmony, Competence, Efficiency and Innovation.


Industrial Moreypi is formed, as a limited company, in 1945 with a first location in Calle Sotelo de Gijón, today Manuel Llaneza, focusing in its first years of existence on the industrial activity (crown plugs, seals, , marmosets , etc.))

The fast technological and organizational evolution allows a clear projection towards the activity of boilermaking and in particular the cutting of stainless steel, special steels and automated welding.


In the year 1972, Industrial Moreypi expands its facilities and it is transferred to the Bankunión industrial area, where the social address currently remains as well as activities related to its origins.


In recent years, the company run by the Ortiz family, carries out an extensive program to strengthen the company, increasing the capital in 1981, in which the families Diego and Fernández, begin to form part of the shareholding from its business group specialized in carbon steel products. With this, the best of manufacturing is incorporated in stainless steels in which Industrial Moreypi had been working for almost 40 years.


With this new management, Industrial Moreypi, strengthened its commitment to innovated, technological, organizational and managing projects. They increase both the experience and the vision of what the design of business strategies should be, and increase the chances of success in sectors such as the iron and steel industry.
As part of the business strategy, the scope was broadened and the market was dedicated to the execution of industrial projects, the manufacture of capital goods, metal structures and all kinds of support services for the industry, with a presence in different sections.

As a part of the company “Ingeniería y diseño europeo S.A”. (IDESA), new challenges with high value-added equipment are undertaken, as well as the company’s first international leap.


In 2010, it opens to the market directly, reaching work in all continents, offering our customers engineering and own manufacturing.
In recent years, it has experienced a qualitative growth, to be positioned as a leading company in the design and manufacture of equipment for the industry.


In 2016, we became part of a large international group, as part of Zeit Especialistas SL, an American-Venezuelan holding company, located in Madrid where its “corebusiness” in manufacturing, becomes the missing link in the chain of the rest of Group, specialized in engineering, assembly and industrial supplies among others.


Nowadays, we have the capacity to perform from small boiler works, to large turnkey projects, for which we have the necessary technical means. We seek an agile, fast and constant response to the needs of our customers, thus achieving quality products and services, always respecting the agreed deadlines.

In our effort to properly managing, prevention, safety, professionalism and respect for people and the environment, are as important as the quality and compliance with deadlines. For this, we have qualified personnel in the areas of engineering, production, welding, quality, risk prevention and the environment.


Quality, environment, health and safety policy

Corporate responsability


Our work team is trained to undertake large specialized projects. The management team brings together professionals from the engineering sector with extensive professional experience.

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Execution of industrial projects, design and manufacture of capital goods, metal structures and all kinds of support services for the industry, with presence in different sectors.



Bazán Street 82-84
Industrial área: Tremañes I-3
33211 Tremañes, Gijón, Spain

Avenida Agricultura, 13,
Industrial área: Bankunion II
33211 Tremañes, Gijón, Spain


Phone: +34 985 323 944
Fax: +34 985 311 36


Phone: +34 985 323 944
Fax: +34 985 311 36


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